About us

Capital Cheer Elite Storm is a charitable cheerleading team. We call ourselves charitable cheerleaders because all of our work is 100% voluntary by our members. We come from all different areas to be a part of one team. Our mission is to raise funding and awareness for service organizations serving individuals with HIV/AIDS and other life-challenging conditions. We work closely with other organizations such as March of Dimes and the Center for Fathers and Families. Through performances in which we execute extreme stunts and powerful dance routines, we accomplish our philanthropic goals and motivate audiences to strive for their personal best while recognizing and celebrating the beauty and diversity in all people


Capital Cheer Elite was founded in 2014 by Cesar Salgado and a group of individuals who truly wanted to give back to the community. They wanted to provide a way for talented cheerleaders to do charitable work for the entire Sacramento area. With the support of Nadine Mitchell, the owner of Dynasty Athletic All-Stars in Sacramento, the DREAM has taken shape.

Capital Cheer ELite




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