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1. We will be requiring face coverings and it will be mandatory for you to wear it unless instructed otherwise 

2. We will be doing symptom checks every day that you come into the gym 

3. Temperatures will be taken before coming into the gym 

4. We will be stepping in disinfecting solution before entering COA

5. Sanitation stations will be set up around the gym with hand sanitizer 

6. Breaks will be given every 30 min to wash hands 

7. Covid waivers will be required for all athletes 

8. Covid-19 testing will be required before you can tryout. A majority of places are doing it for free, and if not, your insurance will cover it and it will cost nothing. Please reach out if you need resources or assistance with this.

9. We will be hosting modified practices to keep everyone socially distant until cleared for full contact sports to resume

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